What to expect when you get your e.max dental restorations

The first meeting with your dentist will be a discussion about the concerns you have with your teeth, as well as the results you want to achieve. Your dentist will create a treatment plan to address these concerns in the best way possible.

Once you and your dentist have discussed a treatment plan, they will determine if e.max ceramic is a right fit for your smile.

Next, your doctor will make the proper preparations of your teeth. This may include removing some decayed tooth structure to make room for a replacement restoration or creating a form for your new ceramic restorations to be placed.

Impressions or digital scans of your teeth will be taken and will become the basis for your new teeth to be fabricated.

If necessary, you will get a set of temporary restorations made out of plastic which will give you an idea of how your new teeth will look.  These serve as your teeth while your restorations are being custom fabricated to fit your mouth.

A variety of techniques can be used to fabricate you new e.max teeth.  Either an outside dental laboratory or the dentist and assistants will produce your ceramic teeth with state-of-the-art techniques which will provide you with a beautiful, natural looking smile.

The doctor will then permanently cement your ceramic teeth over your prepared natural teeth.

When your new teeth are seated, you will be asked to try some chewing motions to evaluate how everything feels. The doctor may need to do some brief additional customization to your restorations to achieve a more natural fit.

Your new smile is now complete and you can enjoy the beauty and strength of your e.max smile for many years to come!

e.max crowns start off as solid blocks of material, which makes them extremely strong.